• Hello Anna, you did a portrait for me a couple of weeks ago - a beautifully drawn picture of a woman you said was a type of witch, who helped others by collecting herbs and plants from the woods. I deliberately did not tell anyone or show this to anyone because I was expecting a friend to spend the day with me. She is a talented psychic medium, so I asked if she could tell me anything about my guides. She described your portrait exactly, saying she was a pagan who used herbs and plants to heal people. How about that? love and gratitude

    Margaret W

  • Hi Anna. I would like to thank you so much for my picture you did of one of my helpers. The picture you did was absolutely spot on with what i see with her. and the writing aswell was amazing, you said you see her in a big white dress like what you would wear at a ball, this is exactly how I have danced with her in a big white old grand hall while she was wearing that dress. You are a very talented person and i am very grateful for the picture and confirmation you gave me. I shall be in touch for more. Many thanks love and blessings xx


  • Dear Anna, thank you so much for my beautiful portrait of my spirit guide; it really took my breath away. I felt a connection immediately and was blown away when you said she had gifts for me as she arrived on my Birthday! The other messages you received from my guide in meditation had a very deep meaning for me at this time. Thank you again - I highly recommend your work!



    The spirit portrait is amazing. The man Anna drew for me I have previously glimpsed in my minds eye. Anna gave me a wonderful description of him and picked up that he was a writer and is here to inspire me and bring more fun into my life...I am an aspiring writer, so this is fantastic. Anna also picked up that I am opening up spiritually, which is also spot on. I am going to find a lovely frame and treasure this portrait. Thank you so much.




    I was delighted to receive a wonderful spirit portrait from Anna,she also goes into a meditation to receive information regarding her drawings from a very high source and I was given a meaningful and beautiful message from my guides which resonates profoundly. Thank you so much Anna - you offer a service that would delight and inspire so many!




    Anna Trew is a remarkable artist, channelling information from spirit and applying this to the beautiful and delightful spirit guide portraits, which she produces. I was very lucky to receive two portraits, which was very generous of Anna, with a detailed, personalised message. It's really evident that Anna really cares about her clients, providing an enlightening and insightful service. Thank you Anna, for this truly wonderful experience. 


  • Many thanks for the beautiful picture you sent of my Spirit Guide, it took my breath away. Especially as he/she is not of this world. You were absolutely spot on with the journey my soul is experiencing this time round and it was more than comforting to know that my spirit Guide is there for me every step of the way. Thank you! x


  • Anna has a unique gift and an ability to see, retrieve and put down on paper what no one else I have come across can. The portrait I received from Anna, based purely on my name, is captivating and yet eerie – it’s also strangely different to any I have seen on her website, albeit in a nice and surprising way. I have the portrait with me most of the time and it seems to work on my subconscious and conscious mind, giving me direction.


  • I am absolutely delighted with my portraits, the lady in the jungle explained an absolute amount to me, the blue guy is absolutely FANTASTIC! I am delighted that you decided to include him in my envelope, it has made my day. Thank you so very much - highly recommended.