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About me & how I work

Matt by Anna Trew.jpg

As a child I have memories of lying in bed watching beautiful images floating around my room, and as I got older more strange things occurred but didn't think much of it and assumed it was normal.


When I reached my teens life took over and my spiritual path was abandoned, but then in my 20's I realised my dreams were giving me messages, and many things started to appear into reality.


I then noticed when in a relaxed state I would receive messages and intuition, which was clear and came in many different accents, it was exciting and I started to maintain a blog.

Not long after hearing the voices I started receiving clear images of people in the spirit world, this was an amazing moment!


It took a while before it occurred to me that I should draw their faces. It was during this time I saw my main Spirit Guide 'Matt' waving at me in broad daylight for the first time, he goes everywhere with me and he's my best friend.


After multiple clairvoyant readings it was no coincidence to be told I was meant to be drawing Spirit for others; this was a scary concept but very exciting! After much practice I felt confident enough to share my abilities and was overwhelmed by the positive response.


I feel so grateful and privileged to be given this gift and can only assume it was given so that I may help others to connect with Spirit.

How I work

Once protected and connected with my Guides, I am able to tune in via the clients full name which opens up the channels for their Guides to step forward. During this process I will take notes which will later be typed into a coherent reading. Please be aware I have no control over who should come through or the information received.  

I have channelled a wide variety of Guides from all walks of life and time periods. Each one I draw is as diverse as the last. Also the style of portrait can often vary depending on which Guide is working with me. I have many artist Guides who all have their own unique artistic abilities. 

As time is not linear in the spirit realms, Guides may take on the form from any of their previous incarnations. There are many reasons for this, one being to appear pleasing or appropriate for whoever they are guiding.


Should any information make no sense please be patient as it may have significance in the future. Spirit work in mysterious ways.

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