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About Guides

Over the years, I have gained much insight on how Guides work with us and the role they play in the spirit realms.

Every soul that has ever been created by God 'The Source' is on a journey of learning and self-discovery for soul advancement and growth. The aim is one day to advance to a higher state of consciousness as a supreme being where we will return to The Source to live in unconditional love for eternity. There is only one way to spiritually grow, which is to learn and experience from raw emotions and free will, which cannot always be achieved in the spirit realms. This is why Earth is sometimes referred to as a learning planet.

Before incarnating on Earth we give ourselves goals and lessons which we would like to experience and overcome. We are all on the same mission but at different levels of advancement, we work together to help each other meet our goals.

Guides will be assigned to us via senior guides. These are more advanced souls who welcome the opportunity to help the less advanced. Above senior Guides are higher beings such as angels and other light entities followed by The Source. Opting to be a guide is purely voluntary, as ultimately no one is forced to do anything they don’t want to in the spirit realms. 

Guides do more than just watch over us. Indeed, they work hard before, during and after our incarnations. Before we choose our next life, Guides will discuss with us at great length the pros and cons, as no incarnation is taken lightly. They give us markers to ensure that we stay on our chosen paths. Our conscious mind is not aware of these markers, but our higher self (the part of us we leave in Spirit) is aware and will immediately act accordingly.

Prior to our incarnation we spoke with our Guides and designed this life.

We chose who we wanted to be, what we wanted to feel and experience, and the people we wanted to share this life with.

During a lifetime, should we veer off course, Guides spring into action via gut feelings in the pit of our stomachs. Guides are excellent at pointing us in the right direction through gut instinct. Our inner voice is another way our guides can communicate with us.

Guides do not worry if we are unaware of their presence; there can be no frustration, as they want us to flourish with minimal tampering from the spirit world.

After incarnation, we meet with loved ones and friends, and our souls are cleansed and purified to remove any damage from the life just led. Then we meet with our Guides to discuss where we went wrong, what we did right and how we could improve. Rest assured that Guides do not judge us for our failings or mishandling of lives; we only judge ourselves. Guides love us unconditionally and have our best interests at heart.


Guides can see what is happening in our lives. They know when to guide or intervene, which can happen in several ways. They may send signs to help alert us to something we need to pay attention. These often come in threes, such as hearing or seeing the same words or numbers. Then there’s intuitive insight, such as a voice in your head telling you something is not right. Guides can also make things happen. Perhaps you have lost your phone and are running late. Suddenly, it turns up and you think, “How did that get there?”

Spirit Guides watch over us with affection and respect. They appreciate and understand the hardships we signed up for. When times are tough, a vibrational signal is sent straight to our Guides like an alert on a phone. They comfort us in times of need and never wish to see us cry. Guides love to celebrate our successes. They embrace all forms of positive energy and are incredibly humorous souls.


Guides come in many forms such as deceased friends and family, ascended masters who are highly evolved spirits like Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi, ethereal beings, power animals, high vibrational star beings and angels made of pure light and love. 

Ultimately we all co-create and learn together as one knowing we are protected and loved by the Source for infinity. This in itself highlights just how important and powerful each and every individual is. We have no idea what we are truly capable of and the possibilities are endless.

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