Anna Trew



Hello and welcome to my site.


I am a Visionary Spirit Artist and registered Psychic Practitioner from Somerset - England. I offer postal portraits of Spirit Guides and Past Lives.


Using a clients full name I am able to connect with Spirit to create portraits which offers healing, guidance and love. 

By tuning into the non physical realm I'm given visionary insight and the image will be captured in my minds eye ready to draw. 

My drawings are very personal to each and every client by capturing the essence of spirit.

I feel very humble and proud of my spiritual team who would like to provide you with a unique gift from spirit. 


With love


Once protected and connected with my Guides, I am able to tune in via the clients full name which opens up the channels for their Guides to step forward. During this process I will take notes which will later be typed into a coherent reading.  


I may describe the Guides facial features, hair, clothes, objects they may be holding and their surroundings. I may pick up on details about their life. They may offer you a gift or give a message. However every Guide is different and therefore the information channelled will vary. I have no control over who or what comes through.